Greet Chloe Ducousso!

Metro rotary folks, we only recently heard that Chloe is the only foreign inbound student for the island of Oahu.  Thanks to Jim Owen, Metro Rotary is truly providing a special opportunity for our young, inquisitive, student, Chloe Ducousso. We thank all of you in advance for supporting this adventure, and hope you can personally spend some time with her during her stay.

If any of you can take the time to greet Chloe with a “flower necklace”, or even your warm smile, here is her itinerary. We will greet her in the baggage claim area when she gets off of her flight.  She will have traveled 23 hours (if there are no delays) by the time she disembarks. It would be very special.

Her arrival information is below:

Student Name: Chloe Ducousso
Home Country: France
Host Club: Metropolitan Honolulu
Arrival Date: August 13, 2015
Arrival Time: 8:49 PM
Airport: HNL – Honolulu, Hawaii