I am Bob Peterson, proud to serve as president of the Rotary Club of Metropolitan Honolulu for the 2016/2017 year! As most of you know, this is my second time as President of Metro, with my first term in 1998/1999.
My vision for Metro is that we continue doing the excellent work we have done in past years. I do not see a need to “reinvent the wheel”. Our vibrant members have made Metro as one of the best Rotary clubs ever. And with this being said, we can be proud to be in tune with our R.I President’s theme; “Rotary Serving Humanity”.
Also, one of my goals is to get our membership numbers back up to where we were a few years ago. Specifically, I would like to get us to 100 during this fiscal year. One comment I get from people, when I present Rotary membership, is that “they’re too busy” And one of the things I heard from Rotary leaders is that our biggest competitor is “life”. In other words, we’re all busy with “life”. But I have found that “busy” people, are those who you want, to get things done. Another phrase I use (from another organization I belong to) is “we can only keep what we have by giving it away”.
We can also be proud of Metro’s community service projects which offer our members the opportunity to make a difference in their community and practice “Service Beyond Self”. Our past projects have ranged from Molokai to Waianae and have benefited those in need as well as our community in general. Our projects have involved school and park improvements, remodeling club houses which serve the mentally challenged and improvements to transitional housing for our veterans and low income people working their way out of homelessness. One of our yearly signature projects is our Keiki Backpack Project.
It is important that all of our members be recognized and valued for what they do in our community. Our club consists of professionals; business managers, owners and entrepreneurs and community leaders. We will continue to provide opportunities for our members to highlight their work with our “vocational moment” and off site meetings at a member’s place of business. I have always believed in the “business networking” benefit of Rotary.
I wish to thank our Metro Rotarians for the opportunity to serve as club president. As Metro Rotarians we can be very proud of our club and what it has accomplished and look forward to a productive and rewarding future.